Al Tawwab – The Acceptor Of Repentance

He who is ever eagerly ready to accept repentance and to forgive sins.
“Except those who repent and make amends and openly declare (the Truth): TO THEM I TURN; FOR I AM OFT-RETURNING, Most Merciful.”
(2:160) The Holy Quran
“Know they not that ALLAH DOTH ACCEPT RE- PENTANCE FROM HIS VOTARIES and receives their gifts of charity, and that ALLAH IS VERILY HE, THE OFT-RETURNING, Most Merciful?”
(9:104) The Holy Quran
From the root
t-w-b with the
classical Arabic
to return
to return to
to repent
to be restored
to be rewarded
for deeds
to be repeatedly
summoned or
Allah  beckons for our return. He repeatedly turns mankind toward repentance.
He forgives those who return to goodness. He restores to grace those who repent.
He rewards good deeds. He forgives those who forgive others.
“Indeed, Allah extends His Hand in the night to forgive the one who sins in the day, and He extends His Hand in the day to forgive the one who sins at night, and this continues until the sun rises from the west.” [Muslim]

Quran Tells us,(Qur’an, 42:25)