Al Majid – The Glorious

He whose glory is the greatest and highest.
“She said: “Alas for me! shall I bear a child, seeing I am an old woman, and my husband here is an old man? That would indeed be a wonderful thing!” They said: “Dost thou wonder at Allah’s decree? The grace of Allah and His blessings on you, O ye people of the house!
for He is indeed worthy of all praise, FULL OF ALL GLORY !”
(11:72-73) The Holy Quran
From the root
m-j-d with the
classical Arabic
glorious,majestic, noble, honorable
to be lauded, exalted, sublime
to be liberal,
Allah is glorious, dignified, majestic, bountiful and exceedingly generous.
His essence is the perfection of majesty and glory, abounding in goodness.
His majesty, glory and generosity deserve all praise and honor.

Al-Majid is the great One, the One whose status is Sublime, Who is most Benevolent.

Quran tells us:The Holy Quran (11:73)