Al Hakam – The Judge

He who judges and makes right prevail, provides what is due.
Day of Judgment concerning the matters in which ye differ.”
(22:69) The Holy Quran
“And call not, besides Allah, an another god.
There is no god but He. Everything (that exists) will perish except His own Face. TO HIM BELONGS THE COMMAND, and to Him will ye (all) be brought back.”
(28:88) The Holy Quran
From the root
h-k-m with the
classical Arabic
to be wise,
knowing the true nature of things
to pass judgment, to decide, pass a verdict
to judge and pass sentence
to prevent or restrain from
wrongdoing or
to turn someone
back from
wrongdoing or
Allah is the supreme arbitrating magistrate. He isthe only true judge.
He always delivers justice in every situation. His judgments and decrees are never over-turned or thwarted.He makes the final decision of the nature of all matters.He arbitrates all disputes.

“He is the One who passes judgment, the Arbitrator, the Judge
whose judgment is accepted, the One whose judgment is not rejected
and whose decree is not revised”. Ghazali

Quran tells us:The Holy Quran ( 6:57)