Al Adl – The Just

He who is equitable.

“The word of thy Lord DOTH FIND ITS FULFILMENT IN TRUTH AND IN JUSTICE: none can change His Words for He is the One Who heareth and knoweth all.”
(6:115) The Holy Quran
Allah rectifies and sets matters straight in a fair, impartial and equitable manner.
He always acts justly. He delivers absolute justice.
His wisdom of justice is based upon complete knowledge of past, present and future.
From the root ‘a-d-l with the classical Arabic connotations: to act justly, to be equitable.

“The meaning of this name is the just one. He is the one
whom the work of justice emanates which is the opposite of injustice
and inequity” Ghazali

Quran tells us: (The Holy Quran, 16:90)