The Fluid Creative Process

The creative process in any process, much like painting, is one that comes in layers. It doesn’t happen all a once or is just dumped in one big load. It arrives in stages. You get the inspiration to do something, then you get down to starting it. It may lead to something else and then might end up in a very different spot like you never imagined before. But that’s the authentic process and is the way most creative outcomes are orchestrated.

As an artist, when I paint, I am also thinking as I go along with the paints, and brushes, soaking in the feeling and suggestions of my heart, my own presence, and the feedback from the canvas.

One idea leads to another, simply because when your neural network is fired up, it keeps pulling the experiences and the knowledge of the past memories. While interacting with your superconscious and emotional self to prompt you towards making the choices that determine the output of your endeavor or activity. That’s why the creative process, is fluid and not rigid. It moves with slight changes in information. feelings and acquired skills. That’s why every time the result of the same creative process is a newer manifestation of the same subject or focus.