Why be an Artist?

Why does society not encourage the profession of an artist? What’s the core issue? Why is it frowned upon traditionally speaking? These are tough questions but need to be answered.

The very simplistic answer to this very deep-sounding question is money and Job security.

Doctors. Lawyers and Engineers were the most sought-after professions in India because they guarantee a minimum status and financial stability. See, even Francis Ford Coppola was in deep debt when he made Godfather III. He won so many academy awards, and created a cinematic masterpiece but was challenged financially. So was Rembrandt. He was the best portrait painter of Europe who got into hole and had a tough time coming out of it. Van Gogh, sold almost no paintings. He was funded by his brother, and he killed himself and got made due to this self-loathing. When you have these star artists suffering like no other profession, then why would in their right mind hold their profession in high esteem? To every successful artist, there are tens of thousands who totally fail to make a mark. It is a profession with a lot of uncertainty and scares a lot of potential artists to venture into it.