The Spirit of Endurance

Life is not about the security of livelihood, but to have lived true to your calling or purpose.

When someone gets excited and says I will go through whatever, and then lives up to it, then they embark on the journey. Strong in essence, but you live life one day at a time. In terms of endurance, in the past, the way of the desert was cut out like that but not any longer it was Bedouin culture but they had no choice. Arabian horses have proven to be one of the most successful breeds in endurance. What I’m referring to, is the kind of people who lived here, still, live here from where these horses emerged. The attitude of those who dwell on the land of these Arabian horses, and a sense of endurance can change the people who live here. It may have somehow inspired me with the spirit of endurance that comes from this geography, that has you addicted to its flowing sands and calm sea.