Al Sabur – The Most Patient

He who is characterized by infinite patience.
“If Allah were to punish men according to what they deserve, He would not leave on the back of the (earth) a single living creature: but HE GIVES THEM RESPITE FOR A STATED TERM: when their Term expires, verily Allah has in His sight all His servants.”
(35:45) The Holy Quran
From the root
s-b-r with the 
classical Arabic
to be patient,
to be enduring
to endure trial or
affliction with
good manner
to be contented in
trial or
without show of

Allah is most patient, steadfast, and enduring. The One who is not moved by haste to carry out any action before it’s proper time.
He patiently endures and does everything in its proper time and proper manner, no matter how long He patiently accomplishes each thing in its proper time, in the way it needs to be and according to what it requires.

Al Sabur is the One whom haste does not induce to rush into an
action prematurely” Ghazali

Quran tells us: The Holy Quran (3:146)