Al Muhsi – The Reckoner

The One who knows the details of each and every thing. The One who possesses all quantitative knowledge.
β€œOn the Day that Allah will raise them all up (again) and show them the truth (and meaning) of their conduct. ALLAH HAS RECKONED ITS (VALUE),
though they may have forgotten it, for Allah is Witness to all things. Seest thou not that Allah doth know (all) that is in the heavens and on earth? There is not a secret consultation between three, but He makes the
fourth among them, nor between five but He makes the sixth, nor between fewer nor more, but He is with them, wheresoever they be: in the end will He tell them the truth of their conduct, on the Day of Judgment. For Al- lah has full knowledge of all things.”
(58:6-7)The Holy Quran
From the root
h-s-y with the
classical Arabic
to number, count,
reckon, compute
to collect in an
aggregate by
to register or
record something
to take an account
of something
to comprehend or
know altogether
to possess full
Allah knows the details of each and every thing. He possesses all quantitative knowledge.
He comprehends everything, small or great, inner or outer. He registers and records every thought and deed.

Quran tells us: The Holy Quran (72:28)