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the energy of spiritual emotion

Welcome to the art gallery of the paintings and prints of the contemporary fine artist Art Noor.
Noor is the multidisciplinary fine artist, who is focused on the mystical subjects like God’s Names & Love . Based in UAE since 2002, he practices his art using mixed media, oil, acrylic and digital tech to create paintings, which speak a unique language of spontaneity and spiritually charged ecstasy of devotion.

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Azam Khan


 azam  khanbw“I used Noor to provide a solution for a complicated situation requiring a large number of artworks on particular themes.
His grasp of the subject and his execution made a complicated job look easy.

I unreservedly recommend him to anyone requiring creative solutions and commend him on his professional, committed and honest approach.”

Bregje Horsten

Bergie HorstonThe art of Art Noor is a mirror to the mind. It gets your attention and tells you something with its fascinating color composition about a world beyond the physical.
You can feel the movement in  devotion that’s captured in the work. The energy in strokes and texture makes it unique. Art Noor plays with the contrast of light and dark, soft and sharp, contemplation and expression. This duality reflects the duality in life as we all know it.”

Sarwat Razzak

director   Ary Gold Traders

Wsarwat razzake commissioned a series of Art Noor’s 99 Names of Allah series of Paintings for our chairman, late Haji Abdul Razzak’s office. They continue to grace the environment of our corporate interiors even after a decade, and evoke a lot of interest and appreciation both from  international and local visitors.

Asil Attar

CEO at Lead Associates/MAF Fashion

Asil AttarArt Noor has an amazing understanding of how to translate the message of Islam and is a valuable contributor to the artistic community in the region and beyond.”

Jolanda Kops

Eindhoven Area, Netherlands

JolandaHis work is non figurative, abstract impressionistic, exploring the mystical and the sacred, to find the path and balance of elements that connect with the sublime.”

Fine Artist Laura Barbosa

Owner and Entrepreneur

Laura Barbosa“I would highly recommend Art Noor for his strong representations of God and Love through his work. His pieces are a warm welcome to the world of spiritual messages and contain brilliant compositions and use of color.

To have a piece of his art is to own a piece of his soul. A powerful artist with great vision.”

Patrick Bell

General Manager WTC Abu Dhabi

patrick Bell abu dhabi3“I think your art looks stunning and I am really keen that we look at ways at showcasing your work…”

Farina Reinprecht

International Relations

FarinaNoor means light. Noor’s visual art radiates Light. Speaks!
His creativity, insights and his articulation through visual art is stunning.
I am blown away by his work.

Bops Bopanna

Marketing Manager

bopsbw“Having been involved with Noor’s work during my visits to his studio sparked my interest in the Art and I landed up becoming a collector of his works, which I have witnessed evolve over the years. Fascinating and Spiritually Inspiring Journey Indeed !!”

Natalia Gromicho

Artist,Lisbon Area, Portugal

Natalia“Im very happy that we have meet. I love your work, great works, expressionismo, just expressions, keep going on this way, show me more  “

Maria Rebecca Ballestra

Indipendent Arts Pofessional

Maria“Great Painter! very interesting and deep abstract subjects such as the 99 names of Allah!.”

Alessandro Fantini

Filmmaker, painter, writer, composer.

Allessandro FantiniThe profound commitment and dedication of Art Noor to the spiritual and trascendent spheres of creativity that’s so apparent in his oil paintings, work as a prodigious counterbalance to his “down-to-earth” professional approach in 3D video and ultra-refined giclee prints production.”

Sana’a Kayyum

Fashion Designer/ Brand Owner

Sana`a Kayum1“I was lucky to have picked up a thousand  art books (99 Names of Allah)  from Art Noor, just before the launch of his new ’99 Names’ series of paintings. We have used those as a memorable corporate gift, to spread the love and light. That’s what Noor and his art means much more to the connoisseur “

Khaled Al Owais

Entrepreneur / Consultant

khalidBw“I have known Noor for many years and his evolution and art has always opened  new door in my thinking and approach to life.

I personally believe in adventure and risk taking as a normal part of living and am inspired to say that life like art is never stands still. Especially if it comes from Noor, which is the light and more light”


Your lasting and memorable gift.You can order any quantity in the multiple of hundreds customized with your brand on the book and the package with silver leaf

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